Transfer Credit Information: Incoming Students

High School:

AP Credit

Students that earned a 4 or 5 on their AP Psychology exam will receive 3 generic 1000-level PSYC credits (PSYC 91000) to use as electives toward graduation, however, students must take PSYC 1100 (General Psychology I) and PSYC 1101 or PSYC 1103 (General Psychology II). Our courses are qualitatively different from high school AP courses and are better preparation for our upper-level courses.

Transfer students may have received AP credit for an introductory psychology course at their previous institution. Transfer credit is evaluated from the source, so UConn will give credit based on the scores earned irrespective of how any previous institution may have evaluated the AP credit.

For more information about transferring AP credits, refer to the Office of Undergraduate Transfer Admissions.

Transfer Students:

Incoming Transfer Credit

NOTE: Transfer students often transfer in an introductory psychology course and receive credit for PSYC 1101 (General Psychology II). Please keep in mind that UConn has 2 introductory psychological sciences courses, and transfer students receiving credit for PSYC 1101 (General Psychology II) or 2000-level or above PSYC courses still must have credit for BOTH General Psychology I (PSYC 1100) and General Psychology II (PSYC 1101 or 1103). Both courses are required for the major plan of study and are prerequisites of almost every upper-level PSYC course.

2 Types of Credit

When an eligible course is initially transferred to UConn, transfer admissions will evaluate the course and give it a UConn equivalent:

  • Direct equivalency (e.g., PSYC 1101, General Psychology II). For the most part, these courses can be used to fulfill requirements just like any course taken at UConn. Up to 7 transfer credits at the 2000-level or above can be used toward the psychological sciences major or minor requirements.
  • Generic credit (e.g., PSYC 91000, PSYC 1000 Level). These courses sometimes fulfill requirements like general education and prerequisites, and they will count as electives toward the minimum number of credits needed for graduation. Generic credit at the 2000-level or above can also be used toward the 45 credit rule. Please keep in mind that generic courses cannot be used on psychological sciences plans of study.


Student may opt to have courses given generic credit reevaluated for direct equivalency. Upon evaluation, the course may remain a generic or be given direct equivalency.

For reevaluation of PSYC transfer courses, complete a Transfer Credit Reevaluation form. The Psychological Sciences Advising Office evaluates transfer courses twice per academic year, so we encourage students to plan accordingly. If you have any questions, please contact your academic advisor.

Semester  Deadline for Submission Decision Notification
Fall/Summer October 1 November 1
Spring March 1 April 1