Registration Difficulties

Registration can be a stressful experience when it doesn’t go as planned. Many registration difficulties can be avoided by looking at the Class Detail for a given course section. When conducting a class search, be sure to click on the section number to view the Class Detail; important information about instructor consent, prerequisites, and reserved seats is indicated in this area [View Tutorial].

Registration Appointments

Students are assigned a registration appointment time based on semester standing (number of credits earned). You can view the date and time in which you are eligible to begin registering for courses in the Student Administration System (i.e., PeopleSoft). Be sure you are looking at the correct term, as appointment times for Intersession and Summer Sessions may also be visible and occur earlier.

When registering for the fall semester, be aware that there is a two-month period during the summer (mid-May through mid-July) in which registration is closed for block enrollment. Block enrollment is when incoming freshmen and transfer students register for courses. A number of seats in many introductory courses are reserved for students participating in block enrollment; being aware of these seat reservations can make your registration experience go more smoothly. You can read more about how block enrollment affects registration in the Reserved Seats section, below.

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Hold(s) on Your Account

Having a hold on your account prevents you from being able to register. Login to the Student Administration System (i.e., PeopleSoft) to view the hold, and follow the instructions to resolve the hold [View Tutorial].

The psychological sciences department does not typically place holds, so holds instructing you to see your advisor should be resolved with your other department (for double major and dual degree students) or the CLAS Academic Services Center.

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Instructor Permission Requirements

Some courses require instructor consent to register. Instructor consent requirements are indicated in the Enrollment Information section of the Class Detail.

Instructor consent can be obtained by contacting the instructor, following their enrollment vetting process, and registering with a permission number. Only instructors can give out permission numbers.

Students wishing to register for PSYC 3880, PSYC 3889, PSYC 3899, or PSYC 4197W should contact the instructor for details on enrolling in these courses, as paperwork may be required.

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Requisite Requirements

The Student Administration System (i.e., PeopleSoft) will automatically prohibit enrollment for courses in which you do not meet the requisite requirements (including recommended preparation prerequisites). Requisite requirements are indicated in the Enrollment Information section of the Class Detail [View Tutorial].

Prerequisite exemption is occasionally granted but only on a case-by-case basis. Only instructors can override prerequisite requirements by giving the student a permission number. Please note that most PSYC courses require PSYC 1100 and PSYC 1101/1103 as prerequisites. Students with transfer credit for a prerequisite may not be able to register if the transfer credit is in progress or has not yet been processed by UConn. In these cases, presenting sufficient “proof” such as a copy of an unofficial transcript or a screenshot of enrollment in that other course to the instructor may result in a permission number being granted.

Students with transfer credit may encounter antirequisite restriction when attempting to take a course “out of sequence.” For example, as a transfer student, you may have received transfer credit for an upper-level course (2000-level and above) but still need to take a 1000-level course. The Student Administration System will automatically prevent you from enrolling in a 1000-level course if you already have credit for a 2000-level course from the same department. A permission number from the instructor will override the system. However, students needing to complete PSYC 1100 (General Psychology I) or PSYC 1101 or 1103 (General Psychology II) out of sequence should not encounter this restriction.

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Reserved Seats

Many sections have reserved seats for various reasons: major restrictions, honors, block enrollment (freshman and transfer student orientation/registration). In those cases, you may have to find a section with non-reserved seats available in order to enroll in that course. Information about seats reserved for honors students is indicated in the Notes section of the Class Detail [View Tutorial].

Sometimes the section may appear to have available seats but you are still unable to register. This may be due to reserved seats for specific majors or block enrollment. The traditional Class Search does not show reservation of these seats; only the Dynamic Class Search feature indicates if seats are reserved for specific majors or block enrollment. The Dynamic Class Search can be found in the Self Service area of the Student Administration System (i.e., PeopleSoft). Alternatively any user may use the Dynamic Class Search by navigating to the Student Administration System login page, clicking “Welcome Guests” in the upper right corner, and clicking the middle “Dynamic Class Search” option [View Tutorial].

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Lack of Seats

A lack of available seats is also a common registration problem. Sometimes, the course has other sections that are available; taking the course requires being flexible and open to “undesirable” meeting times (i.e. 8:00am or evening courses).

In other instances, the course has no more unreserved seats available in any section. Instructors rarely increase the number of seats in the course to make room for the student.

Students wanting to register for full courses are encouraged to try and create some sort of working schedule; then, patiently and repeatedly check the system for an open seat. Many students register for one more class than they intend to take, dropping it at the beginning of the term; with repeated checking, you may be lucky enough to come across this seat when it becomes available. Seats are most likely to appear during the few weeks right before the start of the term. With patience and perseverance, many students are able to solidify a schedule with which they are happy by the start of the term.

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Wait Lists

Activating wait lists is a decision made at the departmental level, and the psychological sciences department does not use wait lists. Thus, wait lists cannot be activated on an individual basis for PSYC courses. You may, however, utilize wait lists available for courses in departments that make them available. Some departments, like the math department, use a wait list system different than the Student Administration System (i.e., PeopleSoft). In most cases, the department’s website will instruct you how to proceed.

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Permission Numbers

As explained above, common reasons for needing a permission number include registering for a course requiring instructor consent and overriding course requisites. (A permission number will not override maximum credit restrictions; exceeding the credit limit for a term requires an Excess Credit Request.) Should you need a permission number, contact the instructor for one; permission numbers can only be given out by the instructor.

Please be aware that instructors receive an overwhelming request for permission numbers, and each has their own method for processing requests. Some instructors will entertain requests based on some sort of priority (e.g., first come, first served; majors first, minors second, other students; class standing; class attendance). Other instructors do not issue permission numbers, and this policy may be communicated with non-responsiveness. In short, asking for a permission number does not mean you will be granted one.

Additionally, please note that permission numbers for PSYC 2100WQ are typically not issued; students must have an extremely compelling reason for an exception to be granted.

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Instructor Non-Responsiveness

Should you need to contact the course instructor during registration, please be aware that registration occurs during the busiest time of the year for faculty. Additionally, many faculty are also on break during the summer months and winter recess. Unfortunately, this can result in faculty lack of responsiveness to student emails and phone calls.

For most instructors, email is the best method of contact. Please be sure to look up his/her correct email address in the UConn Phonebook. Do not consider email a failed method until you have tried 2-3 times over the course of 1-2 weeks: email the instructor, wait 2-3 business days; send a follow-up email; wait another 2-3 business days.

When email fails, visiting a faculty instructor during office hours may be a better approach. A list of faculty offices and office hours is available on the Faculty contact page.

Lastly, many instructors wait to give out permission numbers the first day of class. If you are unable to reach the instructor prior to the start of the term, fill your schedule with a different “just-in-case” course, and meet with the instructor after class the first day.

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Excess Credit

Should you want to (or need to) enroll in more than 17 credits in a single semester, you will need to receive permission to do so. Freshman tend to not be awarded excess credit approval. If you are a Sophomore or above who has earned a 2.6GPA or higher in your previous semester, you will be able to enroll up to 18 credits in a single semester. If you are someone who meets these requirements, but is still having trouble enrolling in 18 credits, you will need to contact the Registrar’s Office.

If you wish to enroll in more than 18 credits, you will need to fill out an Excess Credit Request. Excess credit is not granted until the finalization of your previous semester GPA. For example, if you are wishing to enroll in 20 credits for the Spring 2017 semester, you will not receive access to do so until finalization of your Fall 2016 grades.

Finally, permission numbers do not override the credit restriction. Even with a permission number you will still need to request excess credit if you are wishing to exceed 18 credits in a given semester.

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PSYC 1100

Often times students have difficulty enrolling in General Psychology I (PSYC 1100). Instructors generally do not distribute permission numbers for this course, as enrollments have been preset to the maximum capacities of the labs for this course.
Sometimes it may appear that there are open seats in a Lecture portion of a class, however there are no available Lab sections. You can not take this course as just a lecture, it is required that you enroll in a Lab section. Labs cannot be over enrolled.
Please keep in mind that during pre-registration periods a large volume of seats are reserved by the Registar for incoming freshmen and transfer students. The remaining open seats for this course will be released after freshmen and transfer students have registered for their classes.
Additionally Lab Sections 010L and 011L are reserved for honors students only. You cannot enroll in these sections unless you are in the UConn Honors Program.

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