Enroll in Research

After securing a research position with a faculty member, students can enroll into PSYC 3889/3899 by:

  1. Before the end of add/drop: Use a permission number for the faculty member's section of PSYC 3889/3899.  Coordinate with your faculty member in regards to obtaining the permission number.
  2. After add/drop: Complete an independent study form and have in signed by the faculty member first, then an advisor in the Undergraduate Psychological Sciences Advising Office can sign for the advisor AND for the department head.


NOTE: Some students may want the title of the research project listed on the transcript.  To do so, you must complete an independent study form.

However, we find that having the name on the transcript is less meaningful than listing it on the resume.
So, we recommend enrolling with a permission number and listing the title and objective of the research on your resume.