PSYC 3880 Student Experiences

Student Experiences with Internships

Academic Achievement Center

  • Allison Aviles, Academic Achievement Center
    • I became an intern for the Academic Achievement center after working with them as a peer mentor over a few semesters.
    • My time with the center started with mentoring for the UConn Connects program that academically supports students with strategies to be a more successful student.
    • This center always has a positive atmosphere, is very supportive and I highly recommend getting involved with them,

Department of Children and Families (DCF)

  • Amanda Morach, Department of Children and Families (DCF), Willimantic
    • I found my internship through our undergrad psych website under the Internships & Research tab and thought this would be a great fit for me, so I reached out directly and called the DCF office.
    • I interned in the Foster & Adoptive Services Unit and was able to shadow several social workers in various contexts (court, home visits, considered removal meetings), gain valuable insight into working with families from various backgrounds, and use knowledge from courses I have taken at UConn throughout my experience.
    • This internship helped me to narrow down a future career path and grad school options; it was a very rewarding and engaging experience.
    • Click here to view a brochure that Amanda made as part of a final project.
  • Hannah Lavoie, Department of Children and Families (DCF), Norwich
    • I really loved my experience. I had a phenomenal advisor for the program who really worked hard to ensure that I got to experience the job in its entirety, and she was great about making me feel like more than just an intern.
    • While I could not do everything on my own since I do not have a degree, she would help me aid in transports and some brief family communication which was helpful and I got to see a lot of the processes from start to finish.
    • I loved it and I would be happy to talk with any student who might want to intern there in the future!

Law Offices

  • Taylor Weishceht - Children's Law Center of Connecticut
    • I am a Crime and Justice minor, so I found my internship through the UConn Crime and Justice website under the internship resources tab and it looked like an internship that very closely aligned with my interests so I sent my resume and cover letter to the internship director.
    • I interned at the Children's Law Center of Connecticut during Summer 2020.  I worked remotely due to Covid-19, but I was still able to work closely with attorneys on their cases.  I would call clients to discuss various things going on with their case and then meet with the attorney working on the case to let them know what was talked about between myself and the client and would give them information that they would need.
    • The internship was a great way for me to learn about how the legal field works an dhow no two cases are the same and how no two attorneys handle any given case in the same way.  They were able to get me very involved with clients directly even though I do not have a degree yet, which was one of my favorite parts about the whole experience!

School Psychologist

  • Marcella DiBona, Salem Elementary, Naugatuck
    • Worked with a School Psychologist, where she was able to observe testing/evaluation, group counseling, and management of crisis situations.  She also got to score evaluations and create and present classroom lessons.
    • Was able to work closely and shadow the School Psychologist, School Counselor, Social Worker, and Special Education teachers.
    • Hear about Marcella's experience here!  Marcella made this video as part of a creative final project for her internship.

Click here to hear about Emily's experience with her internship at Yale-New Haven Children's Psychiatric In-Patient Unit.
Emily made this video as part of a final project for her internship.