Enroll in PSYC 3880

In order to register for PSYC 3880, students should complete the following steps:

  1. Solidify your internship site and supervisor.
  2. Complete the Learning Agreement with internship site supervisor, including signatures.
  3. Ask a faculty member to be your faculty sponsor.  You can ask a faculty member that you already have a relationship with or Dr. Chrobak can serve as your faculty sponsor.
  4. Bring the completed Learning Agreement to Jess Groves in the Undergraduate Psychological Sciences Advising Office, BOUS 100B.
  5. Upon approval of the site location, Jess will provide you with a permission number to register for the current section of PSYC 3880.
  6. You can add the class manually on Student Admin.  Be sure to select the correct number of credits, as the default is 1.  If the add/drop deadline has passed, Jess will sign the late add form for you to bring to the Registrar's office.