PCLB Research Grant

PCLB Psychological Sciences Research Grant

Undergraduate students doing research in collaboration with Psychological Sciences faculty are invited to apply for the PCLB Psychological Sciences Undergraduate Research Grant.


Any questions concerning the grant or application process can be directed to Maxim Volgushev.

Grant Information

Grant Information

Undergraduate students (any major) doing research in collaboration with Psychological Sciences faculty are invited to apply.

  • Individual grants cover research costs up $1500 during the academic year, which includes cost of research and expenses (salary and conference travel are not supported).
  • Total amount of funding per PI will be likely capped at $3500 during the academic year.
  • The program has one application cycle per year, in the Fall semester.
  • Projects that involve something beyond administering questionnaires to the Participant Pool are more likely to be funded.
  • Other research funding opportunities are available through the Office of Undergraduate Research.
  • Proposals should include all of the information described below in the next drop down link.


Application Submission Instructions

Application Submission Instructions

Deadline: usually in October, see current UG Psych Digest

Direct questions and completed applications to: Maxim Volgushev (maxim.volgushev@uconn.edu)

Submissions must include: Word doc or PDF file, with the filename formatted as: ApplicantName_UG_year
Hard copy of the above file can be put in Maxim Volgushev's mail box at room BOUS 101

All applications must include the following:

  1. Face Page
    1. Title of the project
    2. Student's full name, semester standing, local & permanent addresses, phone number, & email
    3. Name and email of faculty sponsor of the proposed research
    4. Funds requested
    5. List of prior UG Research grants if applicable (title, year received, date submitted)
    6. IRB or IACUC protocol number.  Note: Awards will not be made until the IRB/IACUC protocol has been approved.
  2. Body - Three pages (double spaced, 1-inch margins, 11-point font) to describe the following:
    1. Introduction: Approximately 1 page. A brief background followed by statement of the hypothesis. There should also be a 1-2 sentence statement describing the impact of the project in broad terms: What will this project tell us about the world?
    2. Methods: Description of participants (e.g., how many, where recruited, any special characteristics) and procedures (e.g., what will the participants do in the study, what will be measured and how).
    3. Proposed Analysis: A brief description of the major statistical procedure(s) to be used (e.g., “a 2 x 3 ANOVA” or “correlations and factor analysis”) and the variables that you intend to analyze (e.g., “total score on the ACE questionnaire” or “time to complete the vigilance task”).  Please include a rationale for the number of proposed subjects (e.g., a power analysis).
  3. References (1 page maximum)
  4. Itemized Budget
    a. Lab expenses: supplies (e.g., stationery, stamps, diskettes, videotapes), chemicals (e.g., APV, NaCl), services  (e.g., payments to experimental participants, animal costs, per diem.)
    b. Equipment (e.g., digital camera
    1. Note: Salary and travel expenses are not supported.  If the applied grant does not cover all project-related expenses, indicate the source of additional funding, guaranteed by the signing faculty sponsor (e.g., “remainder of costs to be covered by the faculty advisor’s grant,FRS#”).

Faculty Sponsor:
The faculty sponsor should co-sign the application or send an email to Maxim Volgushev stating the name of the applicant, project title, and the sponsor's support for the project, with the subject line: UG Research Grant Application.