About the Psychological Sciences Curriculum

Explore Psychology

The Psychological Sciences curriculum is designed for students to explore the various fields within Psychology, such as Neuroscience, Developmental Psych, and Social Psych.  The program requires students to test these areas through several course offerings, which in turns, allows students to explore areas of Psychology that they were unfamiliar with.  This allows students a more rounded education within Psychology and a clearer focus towards their career goals.

Emphasis on Research

In the Psychological Sciences, students become engaged in our discipline by doing research. Research experience begins early on in PSYC 1100, General Psychology I, where students gain exposure to experiments and serve as participants in actual research projects conducted by faculty and graduate students.  An emphasis on research continues when students take PSYC 2100WQ, Principles of Research in Psychology, where they learn about experimental design and data analysis.  This knowledge is put into practice by culminating in a final project where students design their own experiments, collect and analyze data, and prepare a research poster presentation for a Psychological Sciences event, An Evening of Psychological Science: The Next Generation."

Our curriculum prepares students for encountering, evaluating, and interrelating research findings in relation to topical areas covered in our upper-division content courses. Specifically, we encourage our students to enroll in PSYC 3889, Undergraduate Research, in which they assist faculty and graduate students with conducting ongoing psychological research in our laboratories and other research settings.

Ready for What's Next

The flexibility of the Psychological Sciences program allows students to explore, focus, and get involved in other programs that will enrich their education, such as undergraduate research and internships.  After completing all requirements, students are prepared for whatever step they choose to take next.  Whether that be graduate school, full time employment, or working in research, students leave UConn prepared to take their next step in life.