Psychological Sciences Minor


Use the Minor Plan of Study form to plan and keep track of the courses needed.

Core Requirements

PSYC 1100 (General Psychology I) and PSYC 1103 or 1101 (General Psychology II) are not explicitly required for the minor, but the two introductory courses are highly recommended as they are prerequisites for nearly every upper-level PSYC course.

While PSYC 2100WQ or PSYC 2100Q (Principles of Research in Psychology) is recommended, availability of the class to students pursuing the minor is very limited. All seats offered at Storrs during the academic year are reserved for students in the major. Additionally, instructors will not issue permission numbers to non-majors during preregistration per departmental policy. Non-majors seeking to take this course should make arrangements to take it during the summer.

The minor requirements total 15 credits and can be summarized as follows:

  • One Area I course
  • One Area II course
  • Three 2000-level through 4000-level PSYC courses

See Course Descriptions and Current Course Offerings pages for more information about psychological sciences courses.


  • No more than a combined total of 3 credits of PSYC 3889 (Undergraduate Research) or PSYC 3899 (Independent Study) can be used. However, many students earn more than 3 credits of research coursework from these classes, and those additional credits count toward the total number of credits needed to graduate.
  • PSYC 3880 (Field Experience) cannot be used, because it has a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grading designation, though taking this course for other reasons may be appropriate.
  • Students must earn a C (2.0) or better in each course.
  • Substitutions are not possible for required courses in the minor.
  • There is no restriction on the number of transfer credits used toward the minor.
  • PSYC courses can count toward the minor and the student’s major. Students should verify this policy with their major’s department, as each major has different restrictions.

Declaring or Canceling the Minor

Students interested in declaring or canceling the psychological sciences minor may do so by following the steps described below. Students wishing to speak to someone about their decision are welcome to meet with an academic advisor.

Declaring the Minor

Students wishing to declare the psychological sciences minor can do so via the CLAS Online Program Change website. It is important that your minor be declared in the Student Administration System, so it can correctly track your degree progress. Declaring the minor is different than submitting the final plan of study.

Canceling the Minor

Students wishing to cancel the psychological sciences minor should complete a Minor Cancellation form. Follow the directions on the form, and return the form to the registrar’s office for processing.


Students pursuing the psychological sciences minor are not assigned a psychological sciences advisor. However, students wishing to speak to someone about the Minor Plan of Study are welcome to meet with Jessica Groves.

Graduation and Final Plans of Study

The final Plan of Study should be completed in the first four weeks of your final semester. Students only need to submit their plan of study through one of the submission methods: electronic or paper.

Electronic Submission (preferred)

  1. Please be sure to follow any special instructions from your major department(s), as you will be submitting a plan of study for all of your plans (majors and minors) at once. Any instructions from your major department(s) take priority in the event you receive conflicting information.
  2. Please be sure the psychological sciences minor is declared (see instructions above) and appears on your transcript. The system will not include the minor with your major plan of study submission unless the minor is on your transcript.
  3. If you haven’t already, apply to graduate in the Student Administration System [View Tutorial].
  4. Submit your final plan of study in the Student Administration System [View Tutorial].
    1. Navigate to your Academic Requirements report, and click the now visible Submit Final Plan of Study button.
    2. In the psychological sciences minor Comments box, be sure to list any PSYC transfer courses. Summer graduates should list any summer PSYC courses they plan on taking.
  5. The psychological sciences department will be notified, review your plan, and, if no errors are present, approve it.
  6. Your plan will be routed to Degree Audit in the registrar’s office.

Note: If you submitted an electronic plan of study for your major before you declared the psychological sciences minor, you do not need to apply to graduate again, but you must go back and submit another electronic plan of study for the minor.

Paper Submission

  1. If you haven’t already, declare the minor online (see instructions above). Not sure if you’ve declared the minor? Check your transcript or academics requirement report.
  2. Obtain a copy of the Minor Plan of Study.
  3. On the line next to the course taken, indicate the grade received. Substitute “IP” for courses currently in progress and “T” for transfer courses/credits.
  4. Submit your completed Plan of Study (one copy) to the Undergraduate Program Office for the Associate Department Head’s signature and final processing. We will email a copy of your plan of study to the registrar’s office. You will be copied on this email, so you will have a signed copy of your plan of study for your records.