Crime & Justice Minor


The Criminal Justice minor is an interdisciplinary minor offered by the Individualized & Interdisciplinary Studies Program.

*Note: the name and requirements for this minor has changed. It has transitioned from Criminal Justice to Crime & Justice. Continue reading for changes in requirements.


The requirements have changed for the Crime & Justice minor for the 2017-18 academic year.

  • Students who are currently declared Criminal Justice minors may choose to follow the old Criminal Justice minor or the new Crime & Justice minor.
  • Students declaring the minor in Fall 2017 or later must follow the new plan.

Click here for more information in regards to the requirements.

Internship Requirement

As part of the 18-credit minor, the student must complete three credits of fieldwork in a criminal justice setting. For more information about this minor component, click here.

Declaring the Minor

Students may declare the minor online via the CLAS Online Program Change website.


If you are a Psychological Sciences major and want to pursue a Crime & Justice minor, please direct your questions to Chelsea Zabel.

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