Linguistics/Psychology Major


What is linguistics?

Linguistics is the scientific study of language, and many topics are studied under this umbrella. At the heart of linguistics is the search for the unconscious knowledge that humans have about language and how it is that children acquire it, an understanding of the structure of language in general and of particular languages, knowledge about how languages vary, and how language influences the way in which we interact with each other and think about the world (Linguistics Society of America).

The Linguistics/Psychology major is an interdisciplinary major encompassing courses from the following departments:


Refer to the Department of Linguistics and the Undergraduate Catalog for major requirements.

Declaring the Major

Students may declare the major online via the CLAS Online Program Change website. Students wishing to declare Linguistics/Psychology as a double major or additional degree should refer to the CLAS Academic Services Center.


Harry van der Hulst in the linguistics department serves as the advisor for the major and signs the final plan of study.