From the Undergraduate Catalog:

The Honors Scholar Program provides a nationally-competitive program for academically superior and highly motivated students. It enriches the academic experience of undergraduates in all majors by offering the challenges of more in-depth study and considerable opportunity for independent projects or research. Participation in the Honors Program further influences the quality and character of a student’s education by offering opportunities for involvement in a community designed for individual, social, and cultural development.

Please refer to the Honors Program for additional information, including:

Honors in Psychological Sciences

The Honors Program for psychological sciences majors offers a research oriented curriculum that trains students to think critically about the explanations that are offered for behavior, to evaluate critically the research results on which these explanations are based, and to acquire the abilities necessary to conduct psychological research. The program capitalizes on distinguished research faculty who are excellent lecturers, on advanced graduate assistants who are selected for their instructional and research excellence, and on wide variety of research teams composed of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates who share an interest in the research process as well as the research content.

Psychological Sciences Honors Course Offerings at Storrs:

  1. PSYC 1100 (General Psychology I): Lecture + Honors Lab offered in Fall and Spring semesters.
  2. PSYC 1103 (General Psychology II Enhanced): Lecture + Honors Discussion offered in Spring semesters.
  3. PSYC 2100WQ (Principles of Research in Psychology): Lecture + Honors Lab offered in Fall semesters.
  4. Any 2000-level or above PSYC course can be converted to Honors with the instructor’s consent. Per departmental policy, graduate student instructors are subject to eligibility restrictions and may be unable to provide Honors conversions.
  5. PSYC 3889 (Undergraduate Research): Often precedes the other research courses required of psychological sciences honors students.
  6. PSYC 3899 (Independent Study): A required course in the psychological sciences honors plans of study, students complete a research project with a faculty sponsor.
  7. PSYC 4197W (Senior Thesis in Psychology): A required course in the psychological sciences honors plans of study, senior honors students write their honors thesis based on the research project completed in PSYC 3899 (Independent Study).
  8. Honors students are strongly encouraged to complete at least one graduate (5000-level or above) PSYC course for honors credit.

Get Involved

Psi Chi

Psi Chi, the International Honors Society in Psychology, was founded in 1929 for the purposes of maintaining excellence in scholarship and advancing the psychological sciences. Psi Chi is an affiliate of both the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Association for Psychological Science (APS).

Refer to UConn’s Psi Chi Chapter and the Psi Chi Central Office for more information.

Departmental Colloquia

Each academic year, the psychological sciences department hosts a series of colloquia by distinguished psychologists. Each division in the department also has “brown-bag lunch” colloquia. Honors students are welcome to attend these events. Learn more about these colloquia from your Honors Advisor and/or Thesis Supervisor.