New Student Group Advising Sessions – Fall 2017

All new students are required to attend a group advising session during the Fall before registering for Spring 2018 courses

  • New Students = Freshmen, Transfer Students, Campus Change Students

Sign up for a session!

  • Use the form below to sign up for the session that works best with you schedule
  • Each session will be given by one of the academic advisors, Chelsea or Jess, and will cover registration, the Student Admin System and the next steps in your Psychological Sciences degree
  • Please write down the session location, date and time and put it on your calendar
    • *NOTE: Locations vary depending on the session

If you don’t attend…

  • An advising hold will be placed on your account restricting spring enrollment

If you can’t attend one of the scheduled sessions for a valid reason (i.e. class, university sanctioned event, etc.)…

  • Email
  • This rarely occurs as there are 10 different sign up options throughout various times in the month of September