Introductory Courses

While many institutions have one introductory psychological sciences course, UConn splits the content into two courses: General Psychology I and General Psychology II. Furthermore, General Psychology II is offered under two catalog numbers: PSYC 1101 and PSYC 1103. The differences between the courses are summarized in the following chart:

Course PSYC 1100
General Psychology I
PSYC 1101
General Psychology II
PSYC 1103
General Psychology II Enhanced
Credits 3 credits 3 credits 4 credits
Format Lecture (~2 hours) + Lab (~1 hour) Lecture (~3 hours) Lecture (~3 hours) + Discussion (~1 hour)
Material Covered General Psychology I:
Psychology as a natural (or biological) science (Area II)
General Psychology II:
Psychology as a social science (Area I)
General Psychology II:
Psychology as a social science (Area I)
General Education Area CA 3 – non-lab CA 2 CA 2
Offerings Offered at all campuses. Regularly offered at Storrs during the summer and the regional campuses. Also offered at Storrs during the academic year for non-majors. Offered at Storrs during the academic year for majors (some reserved seats) and non-majors.
Other Information Rare to see transfer credit, though a few community colleges in Connecticut have an equivalent. Transfer credit for most introductory psychology courses.

Additionally, please note the following about our introductory psychological sciences courses:

  • PSYC 1100 (General Psychology I) is a prerequisite for General Psychology II. Both General Psychology I and II are prerequisites for most upper-level psychological sciences courses. Concurrent enrollment does not fulfill the prerequisite. Students are expected to plan accordingly in order to meet the prerequisites of courses, since overriding prerequisites is rare.
  • AP Psychology credit is not equivalent to any of our introductory courses.
  • Should a student need to register for PSYC 1100 after taking PSYC 1101 or 1103 (common with transfer students), students will not receive an out-of sequence error and may self-register