Advising Structure

Your Advisor’s Responsibility

Because of the different roles and responsibilities of academic advisors and faculty advisors, the advising you seek from each advisor will be different in nature.

Academic Advisor

  • Questions about general education and major requirements, policies, degree progress, etc.
  • Mentoring for academic and career goals.
  • Starting point for exploration of minors and other majors.
  • Familiarity with services and resources around campus. Even if your advisor doesn’t know every detail about every program or service, s/he will be able to point you in the right direction.

Faculty Advisor

  • Questions about graduate school, career paths, and research opportunities related to psychological sciences.
  • Experience and perspective in their discipline of psychological sciences.
  • Potential source for letters of recommendation for scholarships, graduate school applications, and/or jobs.

Lastly, either advisor can provide the following:

  • Course recommendations
  • Approval of non-preapproved related courses required on the final plan of study
  • Signatures for necessary paperwork

A specific set of questions is not always necessary to meet with your advisor. For example, you might want to learn more about graduate school but not know what questions to ask. Meeting with your advisor can provide you with the initial information necessary to develop further questions. Part of your advisor’s role is helping you find and navigate the path that’s right for you; utilize this resource!

Your Responsibility

Your advisor is not responsible, however, for seeking you out and reminding you to take care of your responsibilities. You are responsible for the following:

  • Meeting all of your graduation requirements
  • Arranging to meet with your advisor at least once a semester
  • Filing all necessary paperwork on time

 Peer Mentors: description coming soon!