Advising Workshops

Throughout the year, the Undergraduate Program Office offers numerous advising workshops to help inform and connect undergraduate psychological sciences majors.

Fall semesters

The focus during fall semesters is typically on welcoming and informing our new students. This is done through mandatory Group Advising Sessions and Networking events.

  • During the fall semesters, there are mandatory Group Advising Workshops for new students, with 10-15 different day/time options.
    • All new students are required  to attend a group advising session before meeting with the advisor and registering for the spring semester.
    • If a student does not attend, an advising hold is placed on their account, restricting spring registration.
    • Group advising sessions are held in different buildings on campus, so please be sure to check and make note of the location when you sign up for a particular session.
    • Questions should be directed via email to your advisor:  Chelsea Zabel or Jessica Groves.

Click here to sign up for a HERE to sign up for a New Student Group Advising Session.

  • In Fall 2015, the Undergraduate Program Office hosted the first Psychological Sciences Networking event for psychological sciences majors. First and second year students were invited and had the opportunity to mingle with faculty and staff in the psychological sciences department. Since this event was successful, this will likely be a regular fall semester offering.

Spring Semesters

During the spring semesters, the Undergraduate Program Office focuses workshop offerings more so on post-graduation planning. Specifically, this semester there will be:

  • Graduation Prep Workshops to help seniors understand the process of applying to graduate and submitting their final plan of study.
  • Graduate Programs information
    • The Clinical Division hosts and facilitates an informational session on the various paths into clinical or counseling psychology. This has been led by Dr. Igne-Marie Eigsti and her graduate students in the past and is typically offered every Spring semester.
    • In Spring 2016, the Undergraduate Program Office hosted the first social work info session, presented by the UConn School of Social Work. We hope to make this an annual offering.
    • In Spring 2016, the Undergraduate Program Office hosted the first higher education and student affairs workshop, presented by our graduate student advising interns. We hope to make this an annual offering.
    • We hope to provide more information on School Counseling and applying to graduate school in the future.


During the summer, the Undergraduate Program Office welcomes all incoming psychological sciences students during Undergraduate Orientation.

  • For incoming first year students, Group Advising Workshops are given the first day of their orientation experience. This is to help inform new students about major requirements and registration tips. On the second day of their orientation experience, they meet with an advisor to select and enroll in their classes, get acquainted with the Student Admin System, and ask any questions they may have.
  • For incoming transfer students, Group Advising Workshops are given the morning of their orientation experience, followed by their registration session in the afternoon.