PSYC 3889 Opportunity: Dr. Robert Henning’s Lab

Note: Though the Spring 2017 psychological sciences deadline to enroll in research has passed, we are making a special exception for this opportunity. Enrollment requires the usual¬†research form plus the CLAS dean’s signature.

Assist in exploring the relationship between humans and technology.

Open research position available for highly motivated and conscientious undergraduates. We are looking for those who have an interest in human factors research, human-computer interaction, industrial organizational psychology, and interpersonal social relationships.

  • One semester commitment
  • 6 hours of work per week for 2 credits
  • Responsibilities include:
    • helping to run participants using a Microworld computer program (will be trained in its use)
    • collecting physiological data such as heart rates
    • administering surveys
  • Additional responsibilities may include data management within Excel, SPSS, and R, depending on experiment progression during the semester.
  • Specific availability is required! You must be available to run experiments during at least some of the following times: Monday and Wednesday 9-12, Tuesday and Thursday 9-12. These experiments would be every week during these times, so you must be able to set aside this time for the whole semester (you will only be asked to do either Monday and Wednesday, OR Tuesday and Thursday, not both!)

Some research experience (in the form of previous lab work or class-sponsored research) is preferred, but not required. In this position, you will be provided the opportunity to gain valuable research knowledge and skills that can help prepare you for graduate school or your applied research career.

If you are interested, please contact Lauren Gannon at